Helena & Gustavo (Tango Puppet Performance)

"The passionate dancer Gustavo invites Helena to dance...to dance Tango.
One step ... two steps ... twisting ... turning.
For a moment Helena & Gustavo completely forget everything around them.
What matters is to feel their dance, the rythm of the music, and their embrace.
Later when the song ends ... .. Applause!
Gustavo greets the audience with his hat. But soon they start again ... turn.. step.. step ...
.. .. a Tango ...that is never going to end. "

"Helena & Gustavo" were first seen in 2008, ​​performing in
different European countries like Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Spain and

Starting as a "Street Performance", they soon adapted to meet other
scenarios. They formed part of the show "Broadway Tap-Fusion" and were
sighted in more than one milonga, including the "Festival de Tango de
Lisboa " (2009 Edition and 2010), and Buenos Aires Misterio Tango
Festival, in February 2011.