About Elena



Elena was born in Patagonia, Argentina in 1981.

During her life, she was working in different kind of jobs. As a florist, clown, jeweler, ice cream seller, waiter, dressmaker, tango teacher, cook, dog sitter, curious about everything, always singing, drawing, dancing, and making a big colourful collage of everything.

The very first time she heard about puppet manipulation was when she was teenager.
She took a puppet workshop, and the course was about how to give life to objects. With a shrivelled piece of paper, they were asked to create an animal, to let it breathe and to give weight to it. It was very hard, but at last for some moments, the magic happened: an animal appeared, walking and breathing! That night, she dreamed of a jungle full of shrivelled paper animals.
It was only a workshop, but something of this lessons entered so deep into her mind, that until today she is still remembering the importante of believing and feeling that the puppets she is creating are alive, sometimes.

In 2003, she began dancing tango, in her home town in Patagonia. Some months later, she moved to Buenos Aires, to learn more about Argentine tango, folk dance and popular culture at IUNA (National Institute of Art) where she studied with the most famous teachers. She practiced the classic and also the modern tango, and finally incorporated the authentic tango at the milongas (tango dance ball) of Buenos Aires.

At the beginning of 2008, she moved to Lisbon, Portugal. It was here, where she found hersef with the problem of communicating with the outside world. Without knowing how to speak portuguese, without her friends and without understanding the culture, it was here where she was supposed to start a new life. The isolation and the situation of being outside of her country, made her doubt in everything she knew before. Then the puppets and the pantomime appeared as a new way of interacting with the people around her, a way of expressing feelings, humor and her passion for tango dancing. By the end of the year, Elena and Tom Weber founded the company "VarieTango CRL" with the idea of merging different arts, such as puppetry and the performing arts, with tango.

Since then, they have been working on different projects with other artists, bringing up new performances, and improving the existing shows.

After another four years in Ireland, where she continued her activities, now, Berlin has become her new home. A new opportunity, and a new challenge, which certainly will lead to new ideas and horizons for Elena, her voice, her dance, her djing, and of course her puppets.